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The More You Know, The Less You Know

Having an interest in nature I thought I had a pretty good understanding of it, but the more time I spent in nature the more my forest eye opened, I realised I knew a lot less then I thought I did and in fact there is an endless amount of knowledge to be gained from the great outdoors.


Twin Beard Trails

At Twin Beard Trails we are all about the outdoors and nature and helping you find a better connection to it. In this fast paste world we are living in it can be very easy to lose our connection to  all the wonders big and small this planet has to offer you.


At Twin Beards we offer you the chance to straighten that bond, our workshop's are designed to bring you back down to earth in a fun and relaxed environment.


Do you have the itch for the outdoors? and wonder about things like how to find water and make it safe to drink when out camping? Maybe you just want to know how to see more of the high way of life that  is buzzing around the woodland or park you are walking true.

Maybe you have already got a love for the outdoors and are interested in taking up camping as a hobby but feel you need a helping hand in what to get and how to use it?. Twin Beards offers a number of workshops witch covers tarp and hammock set ups, knots, tips on gear to use and what you need to get started, maybe you want to build a shelter out of natural materials and bring as little gear as possible? Well at Twin Beard we can give you all that, with over 9 years of outdoor experience we can be sure to help you on your journey into the wild wonders of nature.

 We have a huge love for everything big and small nature has to offer here at Twin Beard Trails and we would love to be able to help open your eyes so you can experience the same feeling of awe nature has given us.


The Instructor

With over seven years experience in practising outdoor living skills. It is not only my hobby but my passion and i am keen to share my knowledge with anyone who holds an interest in the outdoors and wants gain a closer connection to nature.

Nick Conroy

Nick Conroy

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